The One True Game

Do other party card games leave you feeling... empty inside?

Cult Following is a storytelling game where you convince your friends that the eternal truths that you just made up should command devotion, while their fanatical ravings are just plain ridiculous.

Choose ideas from a hand of cards, bind them together into a ridiculous cult and pitch it to your friends. Answer pointed questions from potential recruits, defending your own ideas while attacking the lies of the other cultists. Describe how your cult ascends into fame and fortune, while others languish in obscurity!

Will your friends heed your warning about timid forest creatures, shapeshifting and unspeakable horrors, or will another cult steal your rightful followers?

"This game is really really good." "Seriously my favorite of the genre by far." -- Unfiltered Gamer

For 3+ good humored players
300 cards
10 minutes per round
Ages 13+

The 1%

Having a lot of kids

Anthropomorphic cats
The 1%
Going door to door
Killing all the firstborn children
Having a lot of kids
Being super sure about things
Anthropomorphic cats
"Did you ever notice that people who hold strong beliefs - cult members for example - tend to bring their children up to believe the same thing? So overall, the percentage of the population that believes in one thing or another tends to remain the same. Our group currently represent less that 1% of the world population. We don't have particularly interesting or compelling beliefs to convert people, but we do want our numbers to grow. Our solution is to have a lot of kids. The problem is that human females are fairly limited in the number of children they can have, usually only about one a year. So, we are investigating the possibility of using anthropomorphic cats to rapidly increase our numbers. Did you know a cat can have 8 kittens per litter up to 3 times a year? That's up to 420,000 kittens in just 7 years (thanks Google!) If we can harness this power then soon our group will grow to be the 99% instead of the 1%! Don't you want to be a member of the fastest growing demographic in the world?"
-- Tom