The One True Game

Do other party card games leave you feeling... empty inside?

Cult Following is a storytelling game where you convince your friends that the eternal truths that you just made up should command devotion, while their fanatical ravings are just plain ridiculous.

Choose ideas from a hand of cards, bind them together into a ridiculous cult and pitch it to your friends. Answer pointed questions from potential recruits, defending your own ideas while attacking the lies of the other cultists. Describe how your cult ascends into fame and fortune, while others languish in obscurity!

Will your friends heed your warning about timid forest creatures, shapeshifting and unspeakable horrors, or will another cult steal your rightful followers?

"This game is really really good." "Seriously my favorite of the genre by far." -- Unfitered Gamer

For 3+ good humored players
300 cards
15-30 minutes per round

I like the fact that this game isn't all laid out for you, you get to use your own creativity along with some cards that structure your thoughts. I feel like a lot of games are too restrictive, and this game gives you the opportunity to show how crazy you actually are.
-- Holly
A game that becomes as bizarre and enjoyable as your players. Get ready to prove to your friends that the magical girl uprising is the true path of the world and not those horrible aliens with a passion for disco. Overall a total silly blast and highly immersive experience.
-- Chris
I received this game yesterday and a group of friends and I got together and played it last night. It was a riot! Definitely a game for people who are imaginative and lighthearted, but we were laughing through 6 rounds!
-- Amber
I used to feel lost, with no direction in this world. But ever since I started playing Cult Following, I've found friendship, laughter, and fulfillment with the people I've played it with. The sadness I experienced in the Before Time has become a distant memory. ALL HAIL CULT FOLLOWING.
-- Ben
I brought this game to a party and we played it for hours. Everyone had a blast and got so into it we're still making comments on our cults a month afterwards!
-- Melissa
The dark ritual

The all seeing eye

Lost socks
The dark ritual
Snake handling
Creepy dolls
The all seeing eye
Lost socks
Gigantic man eating earthworms
"We are a dark cult. And yet also, we seek to bring clarity and light. Not at the same time, that would be an abomination. Our cult performs dark rituals for power, and a separate light rituals for wisdom, that we may summon the all seeing eye to solve the greatest mystery of humanity. What happens to the socks that go missing in the dryer?"
-- Tom