The One True Game

Do other party card games leave you feeling... empty inside?

Cult Following is a storytelling game where you convince your friends that the eternal truths that you just made up should command devotion, while their fanatical ravings are just plain ridiculous.

Choose ideas from a hand of cards, bind them together into a ridiculous cult and pitch it to your friends. Answer pointed questions from potential recruits, defending your own ideas while attacking the lies of the other cultists. Describe how your cult ascends into fame and fortune, while others languish in obscurity!

Will your friends heed your warning about timid forest creatures, shapeshifting and unspeakable horrors, or will another cult steal your rightful followers?

"This game is really really good." "Seriously my favorite of the genre by far." -- Unfiltered Gamer

For 3+ good humored players
300 cards
10 minutes per round
Ages 13+

The other side of the fence

We belong here

Electromagnetic pole reversal
The other side of the fence
The buddy system
We belong here
Having a lot of kids
Hitting two rocks together
Electromagnetic pole reversal
"You know that old saying "The grass is greener on the other side of the fence"? It's actually true, due to the the orientation of the earth's magnetic forces and Ley lines. We could just pack up and move, but then we'd just see some other place that's better still. Besides, we belong here! We can't just keep chasing greener pastures for the rest of our lives. The solution is simple. We cause an electromagnetic pole reversal, creating the exact opposite effect - the grass will always be greener on our side of the fence! Help us make this dream a reality, and you too can be forever content."
-- Tom