The One True Game

Do other party card games leave you feeling... empty inside?

Cult Following is a storytelling game where you convince your friends that the eternal truths that you just made up should command devotion, while their fanatical ravings are just plain ridiculous.

Choose ideas from a hand of cards, bind them together into a ridiculous cult and pitch it to your friends. Answer pointed questions from potential recruits, defending your own ideas while attacking the lies of the other cultists. Describe how your cult ascends into fame and fortune, while others languish in obscurity!

Will your friends heed your warning about timid forest creatures, shapeshifting and unspeakable horrors, or will another cult steal your rightful followers?

"This game is really really good." "Seriously my favorite of the genre by far." -- Unfiltered Gamer

For 3+ good humored players
300 cards
10 minutes per round
Ages 13+

The oceans boil away

Canned meat

Coupon optimization
The oceans boil away
Soccer moms
Being polite but not really meaning it
Canned meat
Coupon optimization
Speaking with the dead
"Global warming is here, and it's only going to get worse. It's not just going to be a little warmer and a little drier, it will get so hot that the ocean themselves will boil away. The only people to survive will be those of us who are properly prepared, with ample supplies of the only food that will survive this apocalypse: canned meat. To gather the maximum amount of this precious meat we use coupon optimization to stretch our dollars and fill our cupboards. Join us, get out your scissors, and clip coupons until the end!"
-- Tom